Daily Exercises – Keeping It Simple

Here Are Some Simple Daily Exercises That You Can Implement Into Your Daily Life

It takes time to exercise. As our lives get busier and busier it becomes ever harder to get the exercise we need. This article therefore considers a few ways in which we can sneak some daily exercises into our busy lives. Try incorporating exercise into our daily activities.

This method is really effective because it doesn’t require anything extra of us. Merely involving certain subtle changes to our normal routines that won’t effect our productivity. The idea is to turn these exercises into habits. Doing so without even thinking about it, and with very little effort, you can lose some weight and stay fitter than you otherwise would.

Easy Steps to Get in Daily Exercise

Exercise fundamentally requires movement, but do not overestimate how much movement is required to get exercise, every movement you make contributes as exercise, so make as many as possible. A good way to start doing this is incorporating music into your daily chores. By playing music and dancing along as you cook, wash the dishes, or do any other chores, you’ll get an extra bit of exercise and have some fun while you’re at it.

Little Changes Mean A lot

You might also begin to think about all the things you do sitting around when you could be moving around. One obvious one is talking on the phone, what a waste it is to just sit on the couch as you talk on the phone for an hour.

If you get a handsfree phone you can spend that time walking back and forth around the garden or up and down your stairs. You don’t need to do so much exercise that you’re out of breath on the phone, just make sure you’re moving around a little bit as you talk, longer phone calls in particular provide a real opportunity to sneak in some exercise.

Take the Stairs

Walking may not seem like much, but it is a real form of exercise and getting more walking into your life will yield noticeable results. To sneak more walking into your daily exercise routine you should always take the stairs. If the floor you need to get to is a hundred floors up and you don’t have the time, just walk a few flights until you’ve had enough and then take the elevator up from wherever you are. If you drive to work, park your car far away and walk the rest of the way, or get off a few bus stops early.

Finally, even standing still can provide a great opportunity for exercise. We spend a lot of time just standing around waiting in lines, time that can be used to clench stomach muscle or go up and down on our tippy toes.  Not only will this improve strength, but you might get a good calf stretch while you’re at it as well.

Taking a few moments to reevaluate all the times we could be adding a little more fitness into our lives will have significant benefits in the long run.  Following these simple tricks can make a big difference for your health and waistline.

Thanks For Reading !

-Jon Weider