Building Leg Muscles For Beginners

Get Toned Legs In No Time

A toned pair of legs never goes out of style and is great for any season. Just because you may not be showing them as much in the colder winter months doesn’t mean you should shy away from leg toning exercises. With the office Christmas party around the corner or the family getaway beach vacation in the New Year looming ahead, work on building leg muscles now and be grateful when the time comes to bare it all. Try these simple yet effective exercises to tone your legs in no time:

1.Swiss Ball Hamstring Toner.

This effective exercise tones both your hamstrings and butt in one simple exercise and the only equipment you need is a swiss ball. Start by lying flat on the ground on your back with your feet up on a standard sized swiss ball. Raise your hips until your back is slightly arched. Bend your knees until they are at 90 degrees while the ball rolls in towards your body with your feet. Be careful to not bend at the hips and focus on keeping the ball steady using your core and hamstring muscles. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat for 3 sets of 12.


Start by lying on your side and raising both legs off of the ground. Kick your legs out in front of you in opposite directions and repeat for a minute. Switch over to your other side without resting and repeat. This exercise will tone your upper thighs and hips in a very short period of time. If you do this exercise daily you should see results in as little as three weeks.

3.Lying Adductor Raise.

Begin this exercise by lying down on your right side. Bring your left leg over your right leg, keeping it bent at a 90-degree angle with your left foot planted firmly on the floor. Make sure to keep your right leg as straight as possible while you raise it up as high as you can.  Lower it back down to the starting position while you concentrate on using your inner thigh muscles . Do a set of 12 on one side and repeat lying on your left hand side. If you want a bit more of a challenge you can always use ankle weights.

Along with specific toning exercises, great legs require regular aerobic exercise. This type of exercise gets your heart rate pumping and will burn any excess fat on the leg area, letting you show off the toned muscle underneath. 

Thanks For Reading!

-Jon Weider