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Why Bodybuilder’s Choose Synthol (877) ?

This is the Original Pump N’ Pose Formula. This product is the #1 Selling Site Enhancement Oil Product in the World. It has been the Pro-Bodybuilder’s Top Choice for Over a Decade. 

Professional Bodybuilding

The Patent Pending Synthrol 877™ formulation has been the brand of choice among professional bodybuilders for over a decade. Not only is Synthol™ the most commonly used muscle enhancer oil in professional bodybuilding, but this specific formula has out- sold more than all the other brands combined ! No other site enhancement oil has ever received higher reviews. The internet is full of amazing feedback on this product – even eBay and Amazon consumers consistently rave about the amazing results they achieved while using Synthrol 877™.

The Best Quality

There is an envelope wrapping tightly each individual muscle called Fascia. A fascia is a band of connective tissue beneath the skin that stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and organs. This muscle envelope plays an important role in muscle growth. The tighter the fascia is, the harder it is for the muscle to expand and grow.

Pain Free Application

As the fascia’s flexibility increases, it becomes easier for the muscle to grow. Some athletes tend to gain muscle way faster than others. This can be explained by their genetic predisposition to have greater fascia flexibility.

Permanent Results

Synthol has been around for many decades in the bodybuilding and fitness industry with proven efficient results. Synthol Posing Oil site enhancing oil can either be used to improve rapidly a certain muscle group prior to a bodybuilding competition or help break a specific muscle growth plateau.With proper protocol, Syntholix’s unique synthol formula will help you improve fascia’s flexibility of targeted muscle groups, rapidly leading to quality and durable muscle gains.


The unique Synthrol 877 formula is completely safe, sterile, ph balanced, and properly sealed by a certified lab staff. Find out for yourself why this is the most revolutionary product being sold anywhere.

Proper Use

Synthol Posing Oil can be used for two purposes – to increase the size of a muscle or to shape a muscle..

To increase size – using the biceps as an example:

You need to apply Synthol Posing Oil to EVERY head of the muscle, while rotating the applications daily within that muscle head. This is the only way to ensure that the added size keeps to the natural look/shape of that particular muscle.

Since some bodybuilders prefer various ways of using Synthol Posing Oil, they usually tailor dosages to suit the individual.
Some bodybuilders use 1ml per muscle (that is 1ml per muscle head – ie. inner head, outer head, etc). 1ml is used per day, every day, for a period of 2 weeks followed by a one week rest period, then repeated.

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